Maldives, United Arab Emirates

Mirihi Island, Maldives

Welcome to Mirihi Island!

Mirihi Island Resort in the South Ari Atoll is by far our favorite vacation destination.

If you’re looking for

  P E R F E C T I O N   –

then you will find it there.

Is it worth the long flight? Yes.

Is it worth the price tag? Yes.

Plan, save, and

g o   t h e r e.

Go while you’re healthy and active.

A boat drifts in the turquoise water at Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives

Drink your morning coffee here.

Mirihi, Maldives Island (2012) Water Villa seating and amazing view

Take a walk at sunrise.






Star gaze.


Kick off your shoes.


Rinse off your feet.

Rinse off your feet at Mirihi in the Maldives

Disconnect from the rest of the world.

Flying over the Maldives in a Twin Otter float plane

Step into the water.


Q & A

What airport did you fly through to get to Malé, Maldives?

In 2012 we traveled through Dubai on an Emirates flight. There was an option to instead fly through Doha, Qatar, but given my husband’s previous work experiences in Qatar, he refused to fly through there on his own accord. Furthermore, he had never been to Dubai, and I had never been to the Middle East before. As the most “Western-like” city in the region, it really was an easy decision for us.

We flew Seattle → Dubai → Malé

Since we had a long enough layover in between flights, we were eligible for the Dubai Connect service. We used the opportunity to leave the airport and explore the local area for a while. Unfortunately as we found out, the physical process of actually wandering around is much easier said than done, especially after 14 hours in an economy class airline seat, and an 11 hour time difference. More about that later.

As a special courtesy to our passengers, in certain cases where an itinerary calls for a longer stopover in Dubai, Emirates will provide accommodation, meals, ground transportation, and visa costs. – Dubai Connect Website

More information on Dubai Connect

Entertainment screen on board flight to Dubai


If you can plan accordingly, I highly recommend a layover in Dubai.

Passport control itself took maybe ten minutes at the most, which greatly surprised both of us. It seemed like a very efficient process considering all the travelers who arrived there at the same time. The immigration officer warmly welcomed us to the UAE without hesitation or awkward questions. Soon after we found ourselves dazed but feeling adventurous in the baggage claim area, watching a diverse stream of tourists in assorted holiday attire, as they passed by men in long white kanduras, and women in long black abayas. I had never seen so much cultural contrast in my entire life.

Can you actually drink alcohol in The Maldives?


Legally, if you are 18 or older and not a Muslim, then you can buy and drink alcohol. The Maldives are a Islamic nation,  so alcohol is effectively banned for the local population however most of the resorts are licensed to serve alcohol.

As a side note, we found the most affordably priced beer was San Miguel. It was almost the same price as bottled water, so that made our decision easy.

Tropical-beverage-Anba-Bar-Mirihi-Maldives San-Miguel-beer-in-the-Maldives Tropical-beverage-Anba-Mirihi-Maldives


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