Grief and Loss, Miscarriage, Pregnancy


I feel like people are afraid to talk to me or engage socially with me since the miscarriage. Now I’ve become the person that you see and instead of saying hello like you used to, you hope I didn’t see you so you don’t have to say anything about what happened. Because it’s so much better to make me feel more awkward, lost, and alone…

Why do we help out those who just had babies so fervently, and yet we don’t have a plan when someone loses their baby? We don’t send cards or bring food over. We feel sorry, but not sorry enough to inspire us to go out of our way to make the parents feel truly cared for. Words on Facebook aren’t enough. Keep us company. Visit without an invitation. Give us a hug. Share a bottle of wine with us.

My Doctor prescribed me Zoloft but I’m trying not to take it. I was hoping that with some sunshine, a daily walk, and some good friends – I would be okay. I didn’t take into account that nobody wants anything to do with the mother of a lost baby. I fit in even less now. I’m not pregnant, I’m not a Mom, and I know how it feels to lose a part of you.

I’m disappointed in a lot of people right now.