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The Pharmacy

So my Dr. prescribed me Zoloft for a few months. I went on base today to pick up the prescription at the pharmacy and had a unique experience, so I figured I would share.

At the counter I gave the guy the last four, and showed him my military ID, and quickly explained that I had forgotten to pick up my prescription last week. He was very nice and found a bag with my name on it, and brought it over. I took a peek in though, and there were tons of huge pills inside the container (the Zoloft pills are tiny 25MG tablets).

“Wait a minute!” The guy said. “You have two prescriptions in here. These prenatal vitamins, and then the Zoloft. Which one are you here for?”

“The Zoloft” I said, and handed the bag back.

“Okay, no problem! Do you want to take the prenatals too?” he replied.

“Oh no, thank you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I uh, had a miscarriage” I said a little to casually.

“Ohhhh…” his expression changed immediately to a mixture of embarrassment, regret, and sadness. “I am so sorry.”

“Yeah… well, hence the Zoloft” I tried to joke to lighten the mood.

“That is…… understandable!” He said slowly. “Excuse me while I get the other one”.

He went off and really quickly found the other bag of pills with my name on it.

“I’m so… very… sorry” the guy said as I was leaving, and I know that he meant it sincerely.

I just want it noted that I hope when he gets home from work today, that his spouse or significant other gives him a hug and lets him know that it’s okay. It’s just one of those things. I wasn’t offended. I just wish the circumstances were different. That’s all.