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Don’t cry in your wine

I would be 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant right now, and sometimes, sadly, I still find myself crying.

It happens for various reasons. I’ll see a photo of someone’s kid on Facebook and I’ll cry. A Mom will walk past our house pushing her baby in a stroller, and I’ll cry. I’ll look into the closet and see all of Baby B’s stuff, and I’ll cry. Other times it’s completely unrelated to children though.

Last night I opened a really good white wine. It was the perfect cheerful flavor! The wine was crisp and sweet, but not too sweet. It was amazing. Dave and I could probably drink a gallon of it.

Anyways, I tasted it and smiled because of how awesome it was. And then just as quickly my thoughts went to how I shouldn’t be drinking right now because I should be pregnant. And how this wasn’t worth it. And how this wine wasn’t so good anymore. And how I’d rather have Baby B. Then I started to cry again.

Wine really doesn’t taste the same when there are tears in it.